Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Project No 2 done

Another week has flown by, and, despite horrendous hours at work this week, I have completed my January No 2 project.  It was only some blocks, but its done.

I've made 6 star blocks for Di's quilt for her grand-daughter Stella.

This was my first attempt at Maverick stars; probably something I will make with scraps when I've finished all my WIPs.  Di provided lots of fabrics for her blocks, so I opted not to make them "scrappy" (the outer two on the upper row, and the middle one on the bottom row.) 

Stella was born under the star sign Cancer, hence the middle star on the upper row.  It has a little panel pices of the crab in the middle of a (poorly) foundation pieced star.  The outer two on the bottom row were done so I could play a bit with stitches on my "new" machine.  "New" as I bought it in October 2011, and it really hasn't had much of a workout yet - due to 2012 being such a terrible year production-wise for me - so I'm still trying to learn about what it can do. 

Anyway, the yellow star has a little star-stitch to anchor it down, and the pink stars are blanket-stitched with a metallic thread. I'm pleased with the results, though the metallic thread did break a couple of times.  Did have a metallic needle in use, and dropped the tension on the bobbin.  

Hope Di likes them, and Stella too.... when the quilt is done. 

I'm inspired to get onto Project #3 so I've just set up the sewing room for quilting now. I've chosen the "A" block on my Merry Christmas quilt to work on in January.  The leg extensions have been removed from my cutting table, so its down to usual table height.  The machine has now been moved onto the table & the quilting extension put in place, threaded it up with the appropriate thread, so I'm raring to go. 

Will get photos ready for my next post.  Before & afters....

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January - part 1 done, 2 to go

Little happy dance here!  Part 1 of January projects is done.  Its probably the largest task for the month, so to have it done on 12 January feels SO good.

I'm in a group of 6 quilters who get together on an ad hoc basis through the year.  In 2012, we decided to have a project as a group, and came up with the idea of a Row x Row. 

To cut a long story short, completing Jan's row (her brief was "houses") should have been done by 18 December 2012.  Alas, all I had done by that date was the background (sky, grass and road) and bits of two of the houses planned.  So this week there was lots of vliesofixing followed by many thread changes as I machine blanket-stitched all the raw edges.

Its done now, and here it is....

.... my wonky houses row for Jan.  Its 9" x 37" unfinished. 

Now onto part 2... some star blocks for Di, her request for the RxR.

How's everyone else going?

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 The Year of the Finished Project

Found this linky party via Di's blog. This sounds just the thing for me into getting my UFOs under control this year.

I missed commiting to this month's UFO on Thursday just gone. But as it was only two days ago, and its a 31  day month, I'm still joining in.

My project for January will be in three parts as neither are complete works:

  • 1. finish Jan's houses row in our Row x Row swap- this was due on 18 December 2012, but work & Christmas preparations got in the way and its about 1/2 done.

  • 2. do the star blocks for Di in our Row x Row swap - this was the next installment in our little group's RxR; the date its due to be back to Di has not yet been set, but I'd love to have it finished in January.

  • 3. quilt & embellish one block in my unfinished Christmas BOM quilt. The quilt was a BOM project in 2009 or 2010; it has been put together & has hung on the wall every Christmas since the BOM year; but only 7 of the 16 blocks have been quilted & embellished and the border needs to be quilted too. I would dearly love to have this one completed in time for Christmas 2013. It really won't take much work, but just time!

Here goes: will report back on Thursday 7 Feb as to my progress.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Was too much work in 2012

How hopeless was that? A few posts in January 2012, and that was it for the year.  The Quilt Along went without me, and I'm stuck back on week 3 (or maybe 2).

On 1 January 2013, I resolve that this year WILL be better quilting-wise. Once I get the ironing done, a couple of birthdays out of the way, and my commitment to a row x row swap done (I'm behind there), I'm free to indulge in completing UFOs; which mostly means a lot of quilting needs to be done. I have two finished tops that have backing & wadding ready to go... and started on quilting one of these last January. So there's nothing to stop me now!

Off to bed - long day at work tomorrow, then birthday dinner for Ray (we're heading out though). Will compose the list of UFOs before sleep. It doesn't look a lot different to last year's list, as the only thing I completed on it in 2012 was my patchwork coffee jacket. In a year's time, I WILL be able to mention more completed UFOs. After all, won't be hard to beat 1, will it?

Happy New Year - happy quilting!