Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Week 8: ending 1 September - windows & doors in

Things keep moving at the rate of knots.  The windows & doors arrived & have been installed.

Peter joined us for an inspection on Father's Day - Sunday 3 September. 


Ensuite & master bedroom

Street view
Come on in

Can't wait till its tiled & painted
The boys on the Al Fresco
The sunrise view from bed.... alas, not the guest bedroom.

And now there are yet more decisions to be made:   How to light a mirror?  How many power points & where? Down lights, up lights, side lights?  Switches high or low?  Data points?  TVs?  All needed to keep the progress happening.    

Week 7: Roof completed & sarking (week ending 26 August)

After the Ekka, the winds dropped & the roofing was completed.

(ignore the date...fixed on the camera after this)

And the sarking was added too, finished on a Saturday.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Week 6: Frame completed, fascias & guttering on, with a picnic in the park

A short week, with the Ekka Holiday, but the frame was completed.

Strong winds on Friday stopped work on the roof, but the fascias & guttering went on.


Ready for the roof

View from the Master Bedroom

And on Sunday 20 August, we hosted the Keneallys for our first official meal at Sandy Cove - a picnic in the park across the street.

Who gets pride of place at the picnic?

Keen uninvited guest

First official meal - lazing in the park

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Week 5: The frame goes up

Thursday 10 August:  Jayne, our darling near neighbour at Thornlands, took a drive-by to check on progress.  This has happened in three days!

The frontage that faces the bay

Friday 11 August: Carpenters done & off for the Redlands Ekka long weekend.  Roof trusses almost done. 

Chef Ray at the kitchen bench

Monday, 7 August 2017

Week 4: Friday 4 August - slab down & frame delivered

With plumbing certification and everything else done that needed to be done, Friday 4 August saw the slab poured.   Great job too. 

And on our visit to site the following day, the frame was being delivered.
A giant timber Mecano set to put together
 Kaiser was more interested in heading for the beach.

More fun than a building site


Week 3: 25 July marks official start date & footings

So with the preparatory work done, official date of commencement (contract stuff) was Tuesday 25 July.  That means (also contract stuff) that the date for practical completion is 19 February 2018... 210 days from 25/7/2017.  With a bit of luck, it might be a tad earlier... here's hoping.

When the portaloo arrives, you know it means business

Brickies busy laying the 3 courses up to slab level

If you've got to work, its not a bad spot

The view from the alfresco area.... imagine garden instead of soil & a glass of bubbles in hand.......

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Week 2: Wednesday 19 July - water tank

Storms & rain over the weekend of 15 & 16 July made for a muddy & treacherous building site.  Not easily daunted, the intrepid painters put in a few hours on the fences regardless.  Mud makes for heavy boots!

More fence works to be done, but a good interim step

The water tank was due in on Monday 17/9, but had to be delayed a couple of days as the site was inaccessible.  However, a bit of winter sunshine dried it out enough, & after a huge pile of white clay was removed the 22,000 litre tank was installed. 

View from our neighbour's balcony, digging the tank hole
One heck of a water tank