Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Was too much work in 2012

How hopeless was that? A few posts in January 2012, and that was it for the year.  The Quilt Along went without me, and I'm stuck back on week 3 (or maybe 2).

On 1 January 2013, I resolve that this year WILL be better quilting-wise. Once I get the ironing done, a couple of birthdays out of the way, and my commitment to a row x row swap done (I'm behind there), I'm free to indulge in completing UFOs; which mostly means a lot of quilting needs to be done. I have two finished tops that have backing & wadding ready to go... and started on quilting one of these last January. So there's nothing to stop me now!

Off to bed - long day at work tomorrow, then birthday dinner for Ray (we're heading out though). Will compose the list of UFOs before sleep. It doesn't look a lot different to last year's list, as the only thing I completed on it in 2012 was my patchwork coffee jacket. In a year's time, I WILL be able to mention more completed UFOs. After all, won't be hard to beat 1, will it?

Happy New Year - happy quilting!

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  1. I take my washing straight from the line to my wardrobe and iron as I wear! When I was working I would iron the night before! And I gave up ironing hankies, tea towels, pillow cases, etc!