Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2 - lines & quadrants

Have pottered some more; firstly have done a run the centre of my stripes quilt using the lines method. Tried two goes; one with cotton thread & one with embroidery thread; I prefer the latter. Below is the second attempt (with embroidery thread) Second photo is of the centre of my stripes top and the first black border, also done using the lines method. Think it went OK.
Now for my first go at quadrants: done on my calico sandwich with embroidery thread again. Its so much easier working with this small amount of fabric, compared with the quilt (but getting stuck into the quilt does make me feel good).
Will try and play some more before Leah uploads Week 3!


  1. What I see looks really good. I've been FMQ for several years but I've learned so much from Leah. Without her I would have given up before I even got started. She has triggered my imagination and given me the confidence to keep at it.
    Carolyn in Holland.

    1. Thanks Carolyn
      I too have been doing FMQ for some time; just don't get to do enough of it to increase my confidence. Find Leah so refreshing, just love how she presents it all, and have learned so much in a short time. Yes.. inspirational. Hope this gets me on my machine at least once a week in 2012.
      Am off to buy her book about Perfect Piecing - a present to me for my big year in 2012.
      Robyn in Australia