Friday, January 13, 2012

Quilt Along #1, part 2

Had another go at lines, given that I've now decided on my preferred settings for the machine.

Ran out of bobbin thread twice (finishing of bits on bobbins), but all good practice.

Have made more decisions: will baste up my strips swap quilt ( the swap was years ago, and I finished the top probably in 2008. It has been waiting to be quilted since that time. As I do have the backing fabric, and batting, will try and pin baste it tomorrow, then use it for the practice for week 2 ( quilting in quadrants/grid) so that I'm all caught up in time for week 3 next Wednesday.

Now a word or two: this blog is for me, to record my progress though Quilt Along. If anyone else happens to stumble upon it, you are more than welcome to read and look at photos if you like.

But thanks to the QA project (apologies for using acronyms, but QA and FMQ should be self-explanatory), I have
1. Started a blog
2. Actually taken the DVD that came with my new machine and viewed parts of it
3. Tried using the BSR that came with my new machine
4. Set up the quilting table that I bought to go ith my new machine
5. Used my Supreme Slider and Machingers for two sessions of FMQ

So for this, Leah, I am sincerely very grateful. Look forward to a bit more playing once the strips quilt is basted.

But off to the movies tonight, so a nana nap is called for, else I shall be falling asleep when the lights go dim. Photos of these first two sessions of playing will be added tomorrow.

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